Welcome to Sustainescapes Landscaping and Design,
a Northern Colorado Design/Build Landscaping Company
focusing on sustainable and artistic landscapes.
We also provide detailed, environmentally-minded garden maintenance services, not just for your outdoor living space but Sustainescapes also provides maintenance services for indoor plants.
Whether your needs are residential or corporate,
we’ll help you create more beautiful gardens, xeric gardens, edible gardens, backyard habitats, courtyards, container gardening, consultations and so much more in the landscape.

Contact Joanie at 970.310.1841 to start planning and designing today.

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  • Sustainability is the ability to endure. And that’s one of the many attributes of a landscape by Sustainescapes. We build for the long term, protecting the natural environment and creating spaces you’ll appreciate for as long as you own your home. The plants we choose will endure, too. We select what works in Colorado, so we’re not overusing water resources or forcing you to pamper plants that were never meant to grow here. Even though we believe in sustainability, our landscapes are every bit as lush and beautiful as any other you'll find.